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CELF Beauty Earth Day 2024 Skincare sustainability

CELF's Sustainable Mission for Earth Day and Beyond

Monday 22nd April 2024 is Earth Day, so we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the planet.

Earth Day is not just another day; it’s a reminder of our responsibility to preserve the environment as best we can. At CELF, we passionately champion sustainability, not only in skincare but also in our daily lives.

Earth Day holds immense importance. It challenges us to consider the impact of our actions on the planet. It serves as a reminder for us all to come together and protect our environment, whether that’s through the smaller changes we make in our everyday lives to the businesses we buy from. Today is about encouraging us all to make those small but impactful changes to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. 

At CELF, we recognise the interconnectedness of beauty and the environment. That’s why we strive to integrate sustainability into our core values. Our innovative skincare tool, the CELF Regeneration Station, is designed with efficacy, accessibility  and sustainability in mind.

By harnessing the microvibration power of electric toothbrushes like the Oral-B® iO™, we are actively reducing waste. Because of this, CELF is not manufacturing additional motors, lithium batteries, and plastic housings into the environment, and it also reduces the carbon footprint of consumers as they can receive professional aesthetic level results from the comfort of their own homes. 

But our commitment doesn't end there.

We're constantly striving for innovation. We're excited to share that, in addition to our fully recyclable packaging, we're teaming up with RWDC Industries, to develop a bioplastic CELF Dermal Head, enhancing longevity and sustainability. Moreover, through partnerships like Greenspark, every CELF purchase contributes to tree planting, aiding carbon sequestration efforts.

This Earth Day, we invite you to join CELF in taking action for the planet. Whether it’s planting trees, reducing your meat intake, or getting the bus rather than driving, we can collectively make a positive impact on the environment. 

We’re proud to promote sustainable beauty practices and advocate for environmental protection. 

Together, let’s work towards a greener, healthier future for all.

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