CELF's founders, Charles Weatherstone & Joern Kluge, veterans in the medical aesthetic industry, saw the need for non-invasive microneedling for home use. 

CELF and SPER technology energy was created: 18 non-invasive polycarbonate spurs focusing low-frequency microvibrations deep into the dermis, mimicking needles with energy. 

Inspired by advanced wound repair tech, SPER technology stimulates collagen production, promoting cellular turnover through exfoliation and increasing blood flow.

"We harnessed the untapped potential of the electric toothbrush, specifically the Oral-B® iO™, whose micro-vibrations are ideal for skin cell stimulation, initiating repair, and regeneration.

With just 2 minutes daily use, CELF is clinically proven to improve firmness, radiance, texture, tone, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles"

Our mission is to infuse ENERGY into skincare, effortlessly elevating daily routines for enduring skin health worldwide!

We are revolutionising Skincare

Award Winning Innovation: Safe and effective skin stimulation that enhances the skin’s natural ability to renew and repair. Learn more in our video.

CELF CARE is more than SKIN DEEP