CELF® Microvibration Therapy


The world’s first microvibration tool powered by your Oral-B® iO™ toothbrush.

Renew & Repair: Stimulating Skin Care

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Kinder to you and the planet

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How does it work?

It's like microneedling, but without needles.

Our CELF microvibration therapy targets collagen-producing cells, enhances cellular renewal, and increases oxygen & nutrient supply through improved circulation using skin stimulation.

CELF targets vital cells that traditional creams and serums can't reach, naturally combating the effects of ageing.

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Your CELF Investment

It’s about those little moments where you invest in yourself to invest in the future of your skin health. Adding another element to your skincare should be easy. It needs to become habitual.

That’s why CELF fits neatly onto your Oral B iO toothbrush.

After brushing, just pop the CELF Dermal Head on your toothbrush and start stimulating your skin. It’s the everyday skin health essential that you’ve been waiting for.


The Power of CELF Microvibration Therapy

Visible skin health improvement in just 4 weeks with CELF microvibration therapy and skin stimulation.



Before using CELF Rejuvenation Station - CELF is proven to dramatically reduce wrinkles


After using CELF Rejuvenation Station - CELF is proven to dramatically reduce wrinkles

Disclaimer: Based on 3rd party clinical trials (Cutest Systems Ltd)

CELF is kinder to the planet

Kinder to you and the planet

Microvibration therapy uses mechanical stress, not chemicals or needles, to stimulate a natural physiological reaction, similar to working out your muscles at the gym.
CELF + Oral-B® iO™'s low frequency micro-vibrations regenerate skin - so there’s no need to clutter the planet or life with yet more gadgets.

We plant a tree for every order you place with us!

Oh and we’re developing a bioplastic version! Watch this space.

Sustainability FAQs

How it works

Safe and effective skin stimulation enhances the skin’s natural ability to renew and repair. Learn More in our video.