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Our Mission

Our mission is to infuse ENERGY into skincare, effortlessly elevating daily routines for enduring skin health worldwide! We have created the world’s first beauty tool to harness the biomechanical energy from an electric toothbrush to stimulate dermal cells.

We believe stronger, healthier, more radiant skin should be available to everyone – not just people with access to high-end dermatologists. 

Having healthy skin isn’t just about going to the salon a few times a year. It’s about stimulating your skin daily—after all, you don’t work out twice a year and expect a six-pack.

Driven by science

Science backed and clinically proven to increase:
Skin density, firmness and radiance.

We aim to bring high-end professional skincare to the comfort of your own bathroom, at a reasonable price point. Your skin is precious, and so is your time, which is why we’ve designed a process that takes just two minutes a night.

Unlike Errol Flynn and Hot Chocolate, we don’t believe in miracles.  (But we do believe in you!) We think that Your Time + (Minimal) Effort  = Results.

We are driven by science, and at the core of science is testable data.  We don’t sell hope in a jar; we sell evidence-based beauty technology, and we have the statistics to prove it.

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EARTH CELF we are sustainable and  plant a tree for every sale


Microvibration therapy uses mechanical stress, not chemicals or needles, to stimulate a natural physiological reaction, similar to working out your muscles at the gym. CELF + Oral-B® iO™'s low frequency micro-vibrations regenerate skin - so there’s no need to clutter the planet or life with yet more gadgets.

CELF is committed to sustainability; we are safe for you and safe for the planet. We also plant a tree for every order placed with us. To learn more about our impact so far, click here

Oh and we’re developing a bioplastic version! Watch this space.

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Clinically proven

Kinder to you and the planet

Accessible to all