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CELF Launch Press Release

Meet Celf® 

The revolutionary NEW micro-vibrational beauty tech tool for home use with impressive clinical results

Time to release that inner glow!

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  • CELF RRP £39.99 for 3 month’s supply Less than a Starbucks a week.  
  • New for 2023, this is the first beauty device of its kind, designed to fit on the Oral-B® iO™ electric toothbrush. 
  • CELF uses micro-vibrations for clinically proven* collagen regeneration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skin firmness, elasticity and translucency as well as increasing the penetration of serums  
  • Designed to be used once a day, for 2 minutes at night after brushing teeth, on clean damp skin with a specifically formulated glide serum

Prepare to shake up that nightly beauty routine, because the game-changing beauty tech tool CELF, has arrived and it’s about to revolutionise the 'getting unready' ritual! New for 2023, the device is designed to fit onto the top of the Oral-B® iO™ electric toothbrush, easily slotting into everyone’s night-time routine. 

CELF is the world's first micro-vibration collagen regeneration tool that puts the ‘bounce’ back into the skin from the inside out, enabling users to recreate professional skincare results at home at a fraction of the price, with no downtime.  Independent Clinical trials* reveal impressive results: CELF is proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness, radiance and elasticity whilst reducing redness and hyperpigmentation in as little as four weeks.

  • 47% reduction in crows feet
  • 16% reduction in lines
  • 11% increase in dermal density
  • 50% increase in skin firmness and elasticity 
  • 43% reduction in in bacterial secretions that can block pores 
  • 16% reduction in red areas due to inflammation or spider veins 
  • Reductions in UV spots and brown spots

The CELF Regeneration System includes the CELF dermal head and a 30 ml Glide Serum containing ultra-pure hyaluronic acid. The CELF dermal head clicks neatly onto a Oral-B iO electric toothbrush, harnessing its deep penetrating low frequency (145 Hz) micro vibrations.  This not only wakes up and energises fibroblasts in the skins dermis to stimulate collagen production, and takes on the role of a gentle exfoliator, but it also stimulates the lymphatic system to bid farewell to toxins and puffiness while revving up blood flow. This means more nutrients and oxygen make their way to the skin, enhancing its overall health and helping skin absorb every drop of the user’s favourite night serums and creams for deeper penetration.

The brand has already been praised by dermatologists across the world, with Todd Schlesinger MD., a renowned dermatologist in the US calling it a ‘game-changer’. He states: "CELF presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals to take control of their skincare journey. The fusion of low-frequency micro vibrations and gentle surface exfoliation has been shown to have remarkable benefits in reversing the visible signs of ageing over time. I anticipate CELF will be a game changer in the skincare industry."

How does CELF work? 

The CELF dermal head is no ordinary attachment – it's a skincare marvel! The patented medical-grade polycarbonate plate features 18 tiny, non-invasive spurs, which work their magic by sending gentle oscillations deep into the dermis while giving the skin's surface a refreshing exfoliation.

When clicked atop an Oral-B iO toothbrush, CELF becomes the skin's best friend, transmitting gentle micro-vibrations at a perfect frequency 145Hz for collagen induction. It's an aesthetic treatment for the skin, in the comfort of the user’s home.  Designed to become a cherished part of a nightly routine, it's here to help kickstart the skin's natural circadian repair and regeneration process overnight. Get ready to glow with CELF!

How to use CELF:  

  1. After you’ve brushed your teeth and washed your face, swap your toothbrush head for CELF.
  2. Make sure face is damp and apply a couple of drops of the CELF Glide Serum onto the desired treatment area.
  3. Remove the protective cap and rinse under warm water
  4. switch on the device, with a feather light touch, gently glide the CELF head in a circular motion for about a minute per treatment area.
  5. When done rinse the CELF head under warm water for a few seconds and replace the protective cap.
  6. Then leave your cells to do the work in your sleep. It’s as simple as that!

Compatible with the Oral-B iO series of toothbrushes, CELF presents a sustainable and convenient solution for achieving results-driven skincare in the comfort of the user's home. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into a nightly routine alongside teeth brushing, CELF is thoughtfully designed to become a habitual part of a self-care regime. Get ready to #loveyourcelf to level up that self-care. 

Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to extraordinary skincare – that’s CELF

CELF is available to purchase from  Prices start from £39.99 for a 3 months supply with 6, 9 and 12 month discounted subscriptions available.


For further information please contact Alex Bridgwater or Jess Cooper at The Spa PR Company  / / 020 7100 7018

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