Our Story

We’re beauty fanatics with a science mindset!
For years we’ve have struggled to recreate professional skin care results at home, with expensive gadgets, creams and serums that promise the dream but don’t deliver the results.

So we set out to find a solution.
We discovered an untapped power of micro-vibration therapy that is sat in the bathrooms of millions of people around the world. The electric toothbrush. You see, micro-vibrations (used in electric toothbrushes) has been used in the medical world for wound repair for many years.
With a perfect hertz of xxx we soon realised, through clinical tests, we could harness this energy to help stimulate cells and send your skin into repair mode! Reducing fine lines, dark spots and more!

So instead of creating another beauty tech product that costs you hundreds of pounds we engineered a powerful add on that can be neatly swapped with your toothbrush head that sits on top of your electric toothbrush. Why create more lithium batteries right?!

We’ve revolutionised skin care. And there’s more to come!
Join us on our journey!

The 4 R's of Skin Health

The secret to skin health is on a cellular level!


CELF’s non-invasive surface spurs gently remove excessive dead skin surface cells and micro vibrations boost metabolic activity including lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow, increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the treatment area.


CELFs vibrations mobilise and activate collagen producing fibroblasts to progressively restore support and enhance long term skin health.  CELF is clinically proven to increase dermal density in 2 months


CELF boosts metabolic activity and collagen production to help the body replace tissue volume and increase dermal thickness over time.


CELF is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increase dermal density helping to emphasise the appearance of youthful facial contours 

How does the celf rejuvenation station work?

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